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Health issues

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Hi guys, run into a bit if trouble hoping someone can spare some wisdom. Apologies for the poor photos the last shows the problem best!

Growing in osmocote premium potting mix (contains controlled release fert). I understand this is a poor choice in soil however I have read of success with hempy's using osmocote controlled release as the primary fert (note this isn't a hempy setup however), and I can't always be there to ensure they are fed properly so figured I would give it a go. I have been very gentle with the only feeding thus far and will continue to be careful as the plant is obviously getting a small but regular dose of nutes.


I am using Dutch Master Original nutes (cheap and easy to get for me). The symptoms showed well before the first feeding (which was two weeks in).

The seedlings are almost 3 weeks old. Using tap water ph'd to 7.5 and tempered. I am watering at 7.5 because the runoff is coming out at 5.7 so I am attempting to gently counter that. I have only fed them once thus far at an EC of 0.8, I am certain it is not a nute burn issue, more likely a ph induced deficiency I suspect.

I have been watering every second day and am pretty sure that's about spot on. The soil runoff EC was at about 1.5 early in so I have done a flush and it now hovers around 0.5-0.8 when watering with tap water (0.5EC)

Light is a 600w HPS about 50cm away from plants on an 18/6 cycle.

The damage started very early on and slowly progressed.

Tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated (even if it means starting again with a simple soilless mix)




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You shouldn't need any nutrients for those plants as the soil will contain heaps as well as the slow release nutes.  I would immediately flush the plants with water pHed to 6.5 and let them be for a few days.  You could also consider transplanting them to a hydroponic system to make use of the hydro nutes you have, but that would be a pain in the arse and pretty risky considering the ill health of the plants.

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How much airflow you have in and out of your room? I would also recommend lifting the light another 50cm being a 600W that close to small plant can stress it out a bit IMO and if you don't have good ventilation that light can destroy your plant when light to close. When I was growing in a tent 3m+1.5+2.4 with 3 600 W I never moved my lights from start to finish left them up secured to the roof.



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