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New Growth Red?


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My new growth is red?   What the hell?  



After some google research someone said somewhere that could be a red skunk? whatever that is? ive never heard of it.. 


Anyone ever seen this?  It doesnt bother me im just intrigued because ive grown a fair few plants and never seen anything like it. 


Here are my pics







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ok cool, because all mine have red stems as night temperatures are hitting 14c, I will hardly mind if my bud ends up with fancy colours :P


Actually, on that note I've got the fans in the PC-Grow going even when the lights are out, was planning on doing the same to whatever else I build so there is air-flow and ventilation at all times. Is that the better way to do it when not needing to keep air stagnant? (to keep up temperatures or keep your O2 in)

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Hmm, Ive heard the cold will bring out colours but...


its weird because my grow closet is too hot most of the time... It has only come down to about 24 degrees in the past week since its getting colder... before that it was sitting at around 28-29 with the occasional 32 degrees on a hot day.


It doesnt bother me anyways. 

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very few strains have a recessive purple coloured gene in them i believe that rears itself every so often, compared to an actual strain with purple traits/gene.

I planted out a sugar haze this time last year and the stem went a deep crimson and the leaves purple. It looked very cool indeed!

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One cause of this condition is when the plants are living in very cold conditions, they will take on a redish or purple color.

I would like to confirm this, in pictures, same strain, one indoors, one out, outside temps dipped as low as 4° Celsius some nights.post-50453-0-56122400-1369317106_thumb.jpgpost-50453-0-34402400-1369317160_thumb.jpg

To be honest, thought it might have been the differentials between natural and artificial light that caused it, maybe a bit of both?

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