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Surge in women selling drugs

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Senerio 1............


Once upon a time there was a lil Mine worker, he liked to smoke Joints when he was on his week off, but the bad mining companies, instead of enforcing a "No Drug use ON SITE" approach, decided to test all its employees for drugs they use even in their time off.............


So the mine worker still wanted to party, but no Cannabis..... stays in the system too long for the tests...... so his mate says.... "Pssssst- try some Amphetimine, or Meth"..........


Things are cool until mine worker gets a habit..... then the huge amounts of money coming in, gets less because gear aint cheap.... So he decides to sell it to feed his habit, but he's not home every 2 weeks outta 3 , so who's gonna sell it? The missus............


Nek Minnit, missus is also an addict, and she sells from their home while hubby is working.........


Cannabis Prohibition at Work.



Senerio 2..........


There is a single mum, who's pension is cut because the government thinks getting her back into the workforce is more important than looking after her kids, which some deadbeat dad has probably lumped her with.

Theres a 150 dollar hole in her fornightly budget, but kids still gotta eat, clothes have to be bought, bills and rent paid, so she knows who sells drugs, as most people do.

She approaches them, sets up a deal, and bang..... she's in buisness......


Governments compassionate approach to the Underprivilaged in Australia........



Peace. Nibbler.

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funny this has come up I know of a family member which has become addicted to this meth crap that bad she started selling it now she has court for being raided with loads of cash and gear she has court  real soon which her lawyer told her to plead guilty to get a couple years if not and found guilty will likely get 4 years jail. i hate meth so many in perth are on it its not funny so much crime because of it

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Meth is a global issue that seriously needs to be addressed right now, or cannabis legalised right now, in order for the properties of the good substance,(cannabis), to be extensively researched and developed, to help in dealing with the future health issues that the bad substance,(Meth), is going to cause in the users of today. There is a lot of em, and no public health system is going to be able to cope with the flood of people that I predict will be requiring healthcare in the next ten years or so.

Nibbler, you are dead on the money with your post, government hypocrisy at its best.

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Yeah lol Australias mining boom... what a fucking disaster it's been... Central Queensland has big stimulant problem now and pretty much like what Nibbler said, drug testing drove young guys to use hard drugs, they side stepped pot for it's lousy detection period, it's as simple as that.... plus they're cashed up too ;) ... all that cash, straight into the pockets of criminals... all of that wealth that could have been kept in this country, gone :wallbash:  This is EXACTLY the type of problem that prohibition was supposed to stop ie, entire countries being held to ransom by organised crime.


The NRL and the AFL codes are at their wits end on how to keep 2 thousand 20 year old males out of nite clubs and off the gear, I'm pretty sure the latest drug testing figures showed 18 for stimulant use none for cannabis.


... me, I don't keep any dope here anymore as I'm too hot with the cops, well no more than 50 grams anyway, that's the Qld limit for personal,... so how do I fix the problem?.... leave it with my girl of course, she won't rip me off or smoke it on me either :good:


The point I'm getting to is that what was once strictly the domain of males is now no longer,.... prohibition has changed the way things roll

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Such a sad read all this, because it's right. I've seen people lost to meth and LSD purely because of issues with supply or testing for cannabis.
I've seen families torn apart because of the legality of a soft, essentially harmless "drug"


The government is in theory the ones without the power and are there purely for safety and support. I dont understand the restrictions of the law and especially that our laws now govern the world. It's a plant, it grows naturally.


I didnt watch it for more than to watch the origin of some strains, but I'd recommend having a look at "Strain Hunters" by GreenHouse Seeds, I watched an episode last night where they were finding the origin of the Malawi Gold strain and during the hunt you got to see them talking to the locals and build an understanding of the reasoning and tradition of their growing.


They don't see it as a hard drug, they see it as a natural plant and a healthy way to support their families without harming the environment... The crops were beautiful, fields larger than the eye could see....The Strain hunters were sad that even in Europe they cant do anything of that scale and beauty.

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