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Not big on experience with plant properties and their effects, nor very knowledgeable on plant selection or preparation. Past experiences have been mostly tabs of acid and psylocybe cubensis.

Recently, I have found an interest in the hidden wonders of the plant world, both medicinal and spritual, but would like to build my knowledge before possibly preparing and ingesting anything that falls into the latter category. I have read a fair amount of literature on occultism, and understand the association between the two, but do not have much literature on psychedelic plants, other than a small collection on Mycology. Got any good suggestions on future additions to the library?, and is renewing my knowledge on occultism a wise approach to obtaining the right frame of mind to experiment. I'm not talking Satanism, I'm talking Shamanism and Wicca.

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I'm guessing your interest lies in DMT and similar things like ayahuasca.  It's definitely a whole different level to things like mushies and 'cid, although a lot of it i think comes down to individual perspectives.  I've had a friend smoke DMT and what he claimed he saw was Simpson characters everywhere, which to me seems totally at odds with everything i've experienced in my journeys, but then our mindsets and lifestyles are completely different, he being more 'mainstream' and me, well, not so much lol


If the opportunity arises for you to experience it, do it with an open mind, be prepared and be respectful.  It can be a very full on and ego-crushing experience, as well as one of the most wonderful incredible moments of your life.  As with all psychedelics set and setting is very important, and it's always a good idea to have a friend watching and make sure things are ok.  I find laying down is awesome so a blanket, rug etc always helps :D 


Oh, and a mantra a friend taught me to help deal with the anxiety that can arise both before and during - "may the journey be smooth and the message be clear"


Safe travels

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Cheers Ernie, but after some careful thought, it may be best I leave it to those who know. There are some powerful forces out there, I admit I am a little disappointed, but I don't want to get into something I personally, could not control. I do still intend on finding literature on the subject, but will keep that as the extent of my knowledge, in this life anyway:-)
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