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Hi there fellow enthusiasts!


So a while ago I was sitting down and just thinking out loud about different forms of ways to bring natural sunlight into a grow area or living space, things ranging from hardcore installations I've seen on TV shows, professionally installed sunlights that you can expect to find in the average australian home or even some more DIY options.


Anyway, today someone linked me something which was a really basic implementation of a DIY sunlight and I was curious as to if anyone from the OzStoner community has tried Hydro with natural lighting or even just thought about it?

Attached is the really basic DIY sunlight I was linked today as a visual example, hope it gets some brain juices flowing 



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Those skylights are really only good for tin sheds and the like.  The major problem people have with skylights is the distance between the ceiling and the outside world as the amount of light greatly decreases with distance.  I can't imagine skylights really being a viable option for indoors unless you want the roof to resemble bubblewrap, but at that point you might as well just grow outdoors anyway lol

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