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Brain damage 'crisis' looms from illicit drug use

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Great, more research on the long term effects of illicit drug use. Firstly, its an individuals choice to indulge in this sort of behaviour, so when the shit hits the fan with their physical well-being, well, speaking from experience, its our own doing. Here's a novel thought for researchers, how about spending some of those government dollars into researching the long term effects of the additives and preservatives being added to our daily diets? Or commit more $ into researching the long term effects of prescription medication, substances people have no choice but to take, and suffer the long term side effects of using drugs that were manufactured to benefit? their health.

For example, I am prescribed Tegratol, an AED. On the packet is 37 listed possible side effects, with a disclaimer that mentions other possible side effects that are not listed.( Consult your doctor) The research just mentioned has found a link to one, Parkinson's.

Which substance needs to be paid more attention?

Society is broken down into different cultures and sub groups. Illicit drug use is prevalent in all levels of society, researching the physical effects on people isn't going to solve a psychological issue. To some, the drug problem they have comes from trying to better their lot in society.

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