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Small grow tent off eBay - need advice

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I'm thinking about purchasing this:


and maybe this light to go with it:


Would the light be too powerful for such a setup?

Any tips on what else I need for my first attempt at growing would be much appreciated, there's a bunch of stuff here: http://stores.ebay.com.au/melbournehydro

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Hi  - I looked at your ebay  links  and  the  goods.   You have  had   some  feedback on the  tent and the light  kit will  suffice. A word on the light kit -  what is your intention in terms of  a full grow v's  an early gernination/veg  chamber.  The kit  suit's an  all stage (full grow - seed  to  smoke)  but the  tent a  little  small  however 'do-able' subject to yield loss due  to size of  the plants  being  restricted.  That tent is    pretty "low-quality"  and  as others  say it is  worth your   time  and  saves   effort   if you  buy the   quality lines in gear (meters,nutes - with  the  exception of   overpriced  Canna  products - ballasts, globes, fans & filters).


I  have  a   2nd hand  "indoor elements"  tent I  am  selling as  a  complete kitg including  twin blue  18" Fluro's, clone  chamber.  I  don't  really  wish  to   separate   and   want to  sell  everythin  at once  as a kit.  

It's  good   for   clones or  set up  for  a   veg period  or  for   a  'Mother' (keeper).  Here is   the link if  you  want to  check it out.




cheers & grow  well



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After more reading and thinking I've decided for now that purchasing something like this: http://glandorehydro.com/Grow-Tent-All-you-need.html might be the easiest way to get it all going pronto. I'll be going with a slightly smaller tent 80 x 80 x 180 and using a run to waste system.

I don't care about making it as cheap as possible, otherwise I would DIY at least some of it. My main thing is to getting it going asap and to have it take up not much more space than a cupboard type setup.

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. :)

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