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Passive intake/exhaust enough for mother/veg tent?

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So finally have my own house about to move in the next month and preparing my shopping list



So my plan is to have a 1x1x2m mother/clone tent with 1 or 2 80w phillips cfls already own 1 

and for flower i have a 1.2x1.2x2m tent with a 600watt hps with  6" centri fan cool tubes filters ect

ill be hand watering with coco


My question is will i need to extract the air from the mother/clone tent or can i just run some ducting out the top and bottem and let the air move passively.( also having fans within the tent moving the air around)


I want to use the smaller tent to start some clones while the other tent is a couple weeks out from finishing so i can move them in and hopefully get 2 grows done before it gets to hot again.

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+1 Wid EV.

Heya Judge, If the tents are close enough, you could run duct from top ofveg clone tent into the bottom of the flower tent, close off the vents in flower tent at bottom, and use duct as intake.

That will create negative pressure in both areas, but maybe if its a long duct run between the two, a 150mm inline fan in the duct leaving the veg area, will help reduce the stress on your main exhaust fan (centrifugal) .


peace. Nibbler.

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really good idea nib,didn't think of that.the tents will be side by side

I was considering getting a little 150mm inline fan, Do you silence them the same way as a centri? put them in a box and pack insulation around them? and do they create air noise in the ducting? For my flowering tent im getting a 6" westa flex 3 speed centri with phat filter and a silencer so i could run the little inline out the same silencer if i joined the ducting.

Nib do you remenber the site that sells 80watt phillps cfls? Do you think one 80w would do the job or better to have 2 if im going to be doin some vegging for maybe a month

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Mate, wrap the duct after the inline will quieten it down, thats where ya get ya 'air rush' noise. I use an old doona or blanket.


The small 150mm inline will be between the exhaust of the Veg area and the intake of the Flower tent, just so your centri coming off the Flower tent and going into the silencer then filter doesnt have too much load on it.


Glandore had em on special The Philips 80wer with shade, lead and plug for $100, I can't find the other link atm, soz.


So ya whole ventilation system be as follows...........



Veg area exhaust(high)>duct-inline-duct>intake on flower tent(low)and seal lower vents. Light in flower tent . Duct out to 150mm Centri fan on top of tent>duct-silencer-Phat filter sitting outside on 3-4 milk crates or 2 20L painters buckets.


Done. :peace: Nibbler

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