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Vanilla Kush, Frisian Dew Outdoor Pics

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Haven't been here in some time! nice to see the forums still pumping. Did a grow this year, thought I would just share the end result. Did 3 plants, blueberry is still growing so no photos of her but have harvested Vanilla Kush from barneys, and Frisian Dew from dutch passion. I was fortunate enough to get the purple pheno! was very stoked about that. Anyway, all outdoor organic just grown with some pre fertilised garden soil (did a bit in winter) with seasol and gogo juice, nothing else. They are all still curing at the moment but already are awesome smoke. A mate of mine made some labels for whatever reason, turned out to be pretty nice colour ways and what not, anyway enjoy, cheers.






post-37714-0-85319800-1367402318_thumb.jpg comparison 


post-37714-0-58552800-1367401656_thumb.jpg  a nice little pile of kush 


post-37714-0-79948600-1367401662_thumb.jpg  Frisian dew straight of the plant

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Yeah the frisian dew is really nice. I can't fault Dutch Passion on their outdoor strains, especially the purple relatives. Always so strong in the Vic climate....its like they prefer cold. The vanilla kush did surprisingly well. Was planted really late and just took off, flowered a lot later than frisian which was good and bad. Meant a lot bigger plant but had to cut a little early because of mould, always the way it seems though. Definitely not under developed, it's pretty dam strong, very relaxing though which is nice. 

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Hey scraps, I'm also smoking on some of the VK right now (250w hps) and it is quite strong smoke!  Also has a nice, distinct taste.


Your buds look darker than mine but that might be something to do with being outdoor.  I think mine also had some dead leaves in the end which has given shades of brown in some areas.


How'd you go with yield?  I got 1.5 oz off a 3ft plant (not trained or tipped).


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