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Hi guys I just have one quick question to ask the users out there!


I have a couple of plants that are indica dom, inside under 20/4 flour lights in veg stage.


My question is, In south east qld, what is the latest I will be able to put these outdoors to flower?


Obviously I want to leave them vegging for as long as possible before I put them outside to flower out, but do not want to put them out too late as to miss the winter harvest!


I was hoping veg them for another 8 weeks, then put them ouside through the rest of winter to flower out naturally, will this work?


Thanks in advance!



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Most ppl are harvesting or all ready harvested or will be very soon.


They should of been put out to flower a wile ago now.


Depending on where you are in SEQ you can put out side now to start flowering but if you get frost or very cold the plant may suffer or maybe die.


If you can bring inside of a night they will help em a lot, or just turn to 12 hours light on and flower inside...

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when ya put them outside, try pile some lawn clippings around the pots to keep them warm, a heap off cut grass gets very hot from the days sun and stays real warm for hours after sun goes down, in your area you can grow year round outside, seen it done with great results just don't expect as high a yeild,



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