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s bend in the stem

Guest elefunk_delivers

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Guest elefunk_delivers

When it grew outta the medium.. it was very thin and the leaves kept it shut for about a week.. an then it was bumped and caused it to sit on that angle..


my concern is that a few friends have grown outdoors and had very skinny plants with a small leafage.. and basicly no budd...

and i didnt really want the last of my white widow seeds to get trashed like this..


thanx for your help again

much respect


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Gday dudes:


I've seen this problem before, especially with hydro plants. Happens outdoors as well.


Because there's no wind indoors, the plants can get tall without needing a very strong stem.


Outdoors if you rush your plants you get long immature stems with lots of foliage.


Problem being, when those buds get nice and heavy, and you get a bit of nasty autumn weather, the branches snap!!!


Fortunately, since Cannabis Sativa is also the hemp plant, all you need to do is give the stems a good shake everytime your wasting time sitting idly next to it.


That way the plant grows thick robust stems and can handle heavy buds at the end of season.


Cheers growers

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