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Lighting and keeping Mother Plants

El Kabong

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Hi Stoners, I have only cloned off plants before I harvest them but now find it is time to keep some mothers.........I have an old 4 ft.sorry 1200mm fluro fixture or ballast I suppose, lying around....... I was looking around some sites at some different grows and saw one with twin tubes, one purple one white it looked like rather a large grow with multiple ballasts. I was wondering if any body could offer some advice on this kind of lighting or names of the tubes.


I also would like to ask if you keep the mothers going 24/7 or let them have a sleep?


Thanks everyone :peace:


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Hiya sharpie :peace: brother


I'm putting together a little cupbaoard (almost 3 mos now lol ) and I have put a little aalvent 100mm inline axial and am going to use a 130 cfl (I have an old growlush one) and when that vamoose I would like to purchase one of the phillips 80 watt cfl and see how they go-heard nothing but good about them and the 190 doesn't seem to throw much more light than the 2 23 w daylight cfls I have been using for seedlings until now.  I like the concept of always having something available to put in to flower. 


Its all new to me and a quick learning curve but man its fun. I had a cool idea the other day re the use of multiple piggy-backed 18w t5 flouros they have at a local lighting joint for 20 bucks a pop.  I figure around the walls of the cupbard and maybe the phillips above-  that should get close to the 130w mark and put out another 8-100 lumens.  Oh yes I have plans lol


Peace to you always brother, :sun:

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