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Best smelling weed you've had?

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For me its a tough call.  I had an afghan strain for quite a while that I lost a good 5-6 years ago that stunk up a room with old school quality stank that was second to none when cured for a couple of months.  Before that it was a little grassy smelling, but given a good cure it was almost beautiful in a putrid kind of way lol


I also had a super nice jack the ripper plant a while back that reeked of mangoes.  I also had a lemon pheno one but the mango smelled and tased much better.  It was super fruity and a strain that I'm thankful I was able to keep in seed form.  I just hope that I can find a similar pheno as fruity goodness like that is pretty hard to come by.


If I had to pick between the two I would pick the JTR as the afghan genes are pretty commonplace whereas super fruity stuff is realatively rare.  It would definitely be a hard call though as that afghan was something special.

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DRIED :      LSD..... I had some, was beautiful smoko, smell is just awesome..... The jar I put some in had the smell a year or more later..... I ran out and used to sniff the jar......... lol


GROWING : Amnesia in flower is pretty awesome...... love that smell when I'm checkin the girls.


BOUGHT : In Holland my favourite was Santa Maria... smelt soooo strong ya had to pretend ya couldnt smell it on the train ride home. lol 

Used to get it from a dodgy lil coffeeshop in Utrecht, crap shop, great smoko, boys REALLY knew their smoko.


Peace. Nibbler.

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