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Vietnamese gangs on a high

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I read that article and I see this;

Police estimate each grow house can make $2 million a year, and many syndicates control dozens at a time.


err how much, really!! And do you think advertising that is part of the deterent? Lock u up then brag about how much you could have earned...

and then someone else thinks.

Hang on while they are looking that way we'll do our best over here. Then the authorities have something else to investigate catch then boast about, and the cycle goes on. The self perpetuating shit storm called


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so im just wondering, does this apply to all states?

can anyone give a more elaborate description of the situation..

like, what is professionally grown canabbis like.. how do you identify low quality from goodquality?


Thats an easy 1 mate...if u like the smoke n it gets u stonned n tastes good n ya happy with it its good :) ............... if it taste nasty n doesnt get ya stonned its bad

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