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New veg growth on mature (ish) buds

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Hi guys, got a bit of a weird situation that I've done some searching about but can't find an answer.


So I have one plant outdoors in coco which I started flushing yesterday as the number of brown pistils was increasing pretty quick, and growth had stopped for a solid week. I can't tell the trichome colour with my 30x loupe, maybe because I'm colourblind.

So yesterday I noticed most of the leaves had started curling upwards and the tips were dead. I read up and found this can be caused by overwatering but in my case I don't think so? I've been using Canna A+B the whole grow and have had no problems whatsoever till now.


I also noticed bright green spots all over the bud sites and today I looked with the loupe and they are brand new leaves & pistils even though I was pretty sure she was ready to be chopped. It's a sativa dominant cross which I've been told should be ready at the very latest 10 days from now. I decided to stop the flush and fed her nutes today cos I don't want these new buds to have no food.


I've got some pics here. I really hope you guys can help me out with what's happening.






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Hey there Punchy,

Its nothing to be too worried about, as the first white hairs have browned off then disappeared, the bud would have swelled then the new hairs have developed from the calyx. I allow my plants to go through this process 3 times. I have found the longer I leave it to mature, the more mature the taste of the resulting smoke has. One crop I allowed to go for 4 brownings which took about 15-16 weeks of 12/12 but I personally did not see any improvement in quality of the smoke from the 3 browning crop. The biggest problem I had for the 4 browning crop was the increased density of the bud, it was so dense air could not pass thru it and I had a big problem with mould.

In short, don't stress, keep an eye on things. Make sure you have no light leaks, allow it to mature to a point where you're happy with it, then start your final flush. I have found that if I stop the nutes and flush hoping that it will mature on its own, it doesn't. So feed her until you are happy, then flush and keep flushing. For me that's around 11-12 weeks of 12/12. Then flush for a week, changing the flush water daily to get rid of the salts. Then chop. 


Hope it helps


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Hey Punch,

I must say I do prefer a heavy body stone I spose. I find for pain it works.

I also make hash from the trim and it welds my ass to the lounge. I try to be as active as I can but when rest and relaxation are needed hash is the way to go lol .

Now hash, that gives me one hell of a body stone lol , numbed out to the max, nice.



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