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Grow tent advice

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Hi fellow tokers.


Just wondering peoples opinions on grow tents.


I currently have a grow lush tent (NEVER AGAIN) atm and I want to upgrade to something alot! better.

GL leaks light like there is no tomorrow and the zips are measly weak as well as the support bars and there is no heavy duty poles for filters or fans ect.


I was looking on Ebay for tents and came across A few that seem alright to me 

First is the Indoor Elements http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/INDOOR-ELEMENTS-MYLAR-GROW-TENT-2-6M-X-1-3M-X-2M-/400368385309?pt=AU_Seed_Starting_Hydroponics&hash=item5d37d0bd1d&_uhb=1#ht_2804wt_1165


Seems alright to me and it comes with heavy duty poles for filters/fans.


And second is something called the grow lab http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GROWLAB-PORTABLE-GROW-ROOM-120-120x120x200-/400447215673?pt=AU_Seed_Starting_Hydroponics&hash=item5d3c839839#ht_2798wt_908 My brother has recommended these to me.


I also looked into the homebox but can't make my own decision so to all what do you all recommend;



Thanks guys

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Had a few growlush tents, some were ok some were real shithouse, i know what ya mean by the zippers i ended up having to sew more on.


As for the tents havent used either but both look bettr than GL.


What i did was buy sme timber ( $2.87 for a 2.5m length of 2 by 1 ) form up a frame few supports up top n inbetween n wrap the bastard with panda ( 110 bux get ya like 50 by 3m roll or something) yes is toom much bu never know when ya wana upgrade to a room. :yahoo:


Afternoon screwing it all together over a few VB cans is quiet relaxing n save ya shit loads :)

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I had an indoor elements tent in the past and recently bought a grow luch tent which I regret doing.  The grow lush tent is a cheap piece of crap compared to the indoor elements tent which is why I'm buying an indoor elements tent exactly the same as the one you were looking at.  The quality is astoundingly different so I really recommend giving indoor elements a go.  Their tents are light proof when you have a fan pumping air into the tent as the flaps can let out light if you rely on a negative pressure for air intake only and they are built to last.  The same cannot be said of growlush although if on a super strict budget they can be made to work well enough.

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A few benefits I'm finding from the square aluminium DIY approach is the ability to modify the size of your tent if required. At one stage I had to change rooms and found I had an extra meter of space. All it took was a few extra connectors and I was away.


I can't speak for all tents, however I find square alloy much more rigid which helps when your a clumsy bastard like me and bump into the fucker often.


Good to know I'm not the only one cooper!

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