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noob question

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Heya infamous =) , Why not start in coco, its a Hydroponics medium that has some similarities to soil. With that use a coco nutrient, and you should be on ya way.

You CAN buy cheap coco, at bummings, its by Brunnings and called Premium grade Coir. 90lt block 15 bucks.


DO NOT get the one with added fertilisers as it will smite ya seedlings.

You will need to hydrate and then Flush and mix the coco 4-5 times, add some neem to keep the nasties out.

Its better to use coco indoors, lot less problems for the beginner.

Below in my signiture there is Coco guides etc. Click on link.


Peace. Nibbler.

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Gday mate, just to confuse you a little, i use ozmocote potting mix in hempy cups with perl for bottom 40mm, then when ready to transplant, i'll pop them in 15 lt hempy buckets/pots with a 50/50 mix of coco/perl. Not everyone would agree with this method but it works well for me :)


EDIT- Shoulda mentioned that i only use the p mix when rasing seeds. Clones i'll use rockwool cube then once rooted, coco/perl with 1/4 strength nutes n a touch of calmag ;)

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Size of ya tent not really matter with plant numbers...u could have a 1.2 by 1.2 by 2 m tent n either fill it with 1 plant or 50 depending on how long ya veg em for.


What ya really wana do is go by ya light coverage, a 400 watt will cover a 1m by 1m area very well, so a 1.2 by 1.2 by 2 meter tent sould be sweet for ya.

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400w will cover a 1m x 1m tent, 600w will cover a 1.2m x 1.2m tent. Just so you get enough spread of light and the right intensity.  I found the 400 just a lil lacking in the bigger area.

Cheers. Nibbler


jusy said the 1.2 m for the 400 so he have abit of room to work in :)


Ahk so far Im leaning towards a 80x80x180 gro lab tent (im restricted in space),  a 400W Philips son-T light kit and decided to grow with coco

Am I on the right track? lol

Sounding good mate, next ya gota sort out ya self some fans, a filter, nutrients . ph n ec meter....n off ya go :yahoo:

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