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Music making plants thrive

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hey guys i remembered reading once about playing music to plants. so i googled abit and found this




excerpts from article


Her first experiment was to simply play a constant tone. In the first of the three chambers, she played a steady tone continuously for eight hours. In the second, she played the tone for three hours intermittently, and in the third chamber, she played no tone at all. The plants in the first chamber, with the constant tone, died within fourteen days. The plants in the second chamber grew abundantly and were extremely healthy, even more so than the plants in the third chamber.


then it goes on to say


Next Mrs. Retallack tried another experiment again using the three chambers. In one chamber she played North Indian classical music performed by sitar and tabla, in another she played Bach organ music, and in the third, no music was played. The plants "liked" the North Indian classical music the best. In both the Bach and sitar chambers, the plants leaned toward the speakers, but he plants in the Indian music chamber leaned toward the speakers the most.


what do you guys think?


must get my hands on some ravi shankar..



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well cause plant don't obviously have ears the sound is getting broken down into vibrations and you'd get natural vibrations when growing outside so maybe it's one of those synergistic things in nature - also could be like when growing indoors you have a pedestal fan or 2 to simulate wind and airflow so your plants bend and sway gently like they would outside so they get naturally stronger.

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Imagine growing a plant the size of a triffid, with colas the dimensions of it's head:-) Little shop of horrors in the hydro room.

Anyways, my plants are exposed to one of four cds, the first is The essential Ravi Shankar, my veg c.d., reason being, any more than four weeks straight of sitar could cause madness! The flower CDs are Pink Floyd, Momentary lapse of reason, Manu Chao, Esperanza, and Bob Marley, Africa unite. I used to play Disturbed and Napalm Death, but regular, double bass drumming compared to Latin or reggae beats, with more time changes and softer bass drumming, makes the growing environment a little more hostile and demanding on the Ganja. Its almost like metal frightens the plants into performing.

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