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self study, cannabis for life?

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As I have stated, I am a long term smoker, and daily user. I also have some illnesses that cannabis use can benefit, though not legally prescribed. I also use, to a lesser degree, synthetics to manage one of my conditions, because I choose not to work under the influence of cannabis.

I am posting this self study of my past and present use of cannabis, mostly because I am bored, but also to say to to you all, farewell.

After 26 years, I'm quitting the puff. I personally feel that it is the right thing to do for myself, at this present time, in order to get shit back on track.

Priority number one is health, have not been able to eat properly, every time I do I feel nauseous. Went to the doc, did some tests and looks like it might be Coeliac disease. Won't be certain for a couple of weeks, but if it is, I'm gonna have some issues. Firstly, Gluten will have to go, not a problem, until you realise that gluten is also in the medication the doc prescribes.

Second priority is finance. Money is real tight at the mo, not working due to constantly feeling sick, and without income protection, non existent on my part. Even though cash is tight, I am an honest person and will choose to work for my income, not use other means.

Third priority. Return to the person I used to be. I say this, because though I have not seen any changes within myself, other than health related, others have. For about a year or so now, I have been a walking greenhouse. Everything around me revolves around hydroponics and indoor gardening, not much other subject matter seems to be escaping my lips. There's more to life, I just need to stop and let myself absorb the fact that I am a hobbyist, and find time for the things I used to do before I bought a grow tent.

I fully concur that I am addicted to cannabis, there is nothing overly dangerous about this addiction, but it is an addiction nonetheless. In the twenty six years that I have smoked, I can safely say that six months was the only length of time that I did not smoke during that period. At that time, I also stopped using speed, ecstasy, acid and ketamine. It was also during this period that I was diagnosed with epilesy, though a drug link was not determined.

For those of you who are unaware, when an adult is first diagnosed, they automatically lose their license, and the right to employment, for a minimum of 12 months. In my case, boredom and bad thoughts,( ie: necking myself! ) soon had me back on the bong.

It was also during this period that I started looking into medical marijuana. Non smokers scoffed at the thought, while smokers were looking up symptoms of various illnesses, then going to the doctor, in the hope of cementing an mmj case. Typical stoners, the one thing that they all failed to grasp was the gossip they were hearing was about American legislation, and they were tokin down under. I know a couple of people that got done not long after a visit to the quack?

The idea of growing my own had never crossed my mind until I moved to where I am now. Up until then, I had a network of people I could call on for my pot, always reasonably priced and of good to excellent quality. When I moved, I would still travel to get my pot, but was sussing out a local supply as well. Eventually, I found one, and of similar quality and began a new friendship, however, soon after Crystal Meth/ Ice hit the market in a big way. Nearly every contact I had for pot was hitting the pipe, no doubt their suppliers were too, and pot quality went out the window. Immature, Wet weight, and keifed buds were now flooding the scene, and at 250 a bag, not worth the effort of looking for. Then along came Bear.

Bear was a friend of as friend, from my teenage years. We chanced across each other in a local shopping center, and after a brief conversation, exchanged phone numbers and parted ways. A week later, Bear called me, asking if I smoked. Dumb fucking question, I was at his house within twenty minutes. What I saw that day, I will never forget. It wasn't just what I saw, it was a full cannabis sensory experience. In his shed was a two plant setup, with one drying, one growing, of the smelliest, stickiest buds I had ever seen.

"She's called white widow," he said with a grin on his chin, I didn't care what it was called, I just wanted a bong.

"It ain't cured yet, but you can have a bag if ya need," he added.

"What's the damage," I asked and he just looked at me.

"What do you mean?," he said, " I'm a family man mate, not a mug, I said you could have a bag, didn't say nuthin about buying one, did I?"

I was stunned! I just stood there as he grabbed a bowl, filled it with bud and put it in a container.

"That should see ya through," he said, passed me the container and ushered me out to the car.

At the car, we started talking pot and he quizzed me on my grow. When I told him that I wasn't, he looked shocked. "Ya gotta grow your own these days," he insisted,"Too many wannabes growing big crops of shit smoke and asking top dollar!, The old days are gone, no one gives a shit anymore, its all about the money, set up your own grow for yourself, at least you know what your smoking."

So I bought a 400w and set up in my wardrobe. All went well, until peak flower, when humidity and botrytis got the better of me. This was when I seriously started to research hydro, and slowly move away from the rest of the world around me. Next, I bought a tent, then a cloning tent, and more recently a tent for a gift, which is now a mother room. I have pots, tubs, medium, nutes, fittings and whatnot all over the place, not to mention spider mites and more recently, fungus gnats in my house. Whenever we have people over, I somehow have to find ways to get them to leave, so I can proceed with my plants feeding and maintenance schedules. Now I am starting to see what others have noticed for a while.

But what will happen if I stop? Firstly, as Bear has stopped due to work related issues,(mandatory testing),

the first thing to happen is no more quality strain, until a seed purchase is made. Bear used to pass on clones whenever he had something new, but this ceased a few months ago when he stopped growing. He can still source some quality bud for me, but doesn't really like doing it. He still reckons dealers are mugs.

Secondly, I would most likely have to return to full dosage rates of my medication, the risk of having another period of no life, because of a seizure, just does not appeal to me. This will probably accelerate my osteopaenia into osteoporosis, not to mention increasing my chance of contracting Parkinson's disease, before the age of 60. An added benefit, I wouldn't have any dental issues, as my teeth would all eventually fall out. ( These are the reasons I didn't stop smoking pot, Doc!) It's a pity that only stoners can make this connection.

This brings me to the present, and the potential new addition to my list of unwelcome body buddies, Coeliac disease. Gluten intolerance, yeah, I can deal with that, WHAT! No Fu#&in bread!

I love food, All food, every food group, and am going to find it real hard to change this. Although it is not official yet, all preliminary tests are pointing in that direction. Thankfully it isn't the big C, but it can lead to it if the disease is not managed properly. No, cannabis is not beneficial in treating Coeliac Disease, but it may just become part of my staple diet.

Looking into gluten free diets, I stumbled upon a vegan website promoting natures super food, you guessed it, cannabis seed. Crushed seed, that's it, used just like a protein powder, only better for you and better tasting. I have munched seeds in the past, they are nutty in flavour. So this may be the solution to filling my dietary requirements, but what about the epilepsy, and the gluten in my meds. I require controlled release medication, this is not possible with the liquid form, so what to do doc. I can't drive or work on weed, I can, but there are some who don't think so, so what do I do?

Again, looking into alternative medicines, there is a diet, but a lot of the foods contain gluten. Meditation, and relaxation techniques, good luck, I'm fucking stressed, or an ancient remedy, again, Cannabis. Tinctures, like Phoenix Tears and Mullaways, in therapeutic doses, will possibly control my seizures, without the side effects that my synthetics are currently dogging me with. But fuck me, it's illegal without a medical marijuana prescription, which in most cases you need to be dying for. Yes, they can prescribe it, I know of one person who died a legal choofer, but for people like me, it ain't gonna happen.

So will I be able to part from the weed, and growing, for good? FUCK NO, but future engagements in the growroom will change. I am growing for seed and resin now, not smoke. The seed, for protein, the resin for medicine, as I need a fair amount of plant material to make the tinctures, extra plants will need to be harvested, or techniques refined to optimise the space currently used. I prefer the latter, for obvious reasons, and will continue to focus in that direction, until fate or failure determine otherwise. But I am choosing to opt back to automation, and set up an airponic system. Less time in the room will leave more time for the missus, just a Ph and ppm reading once a day, with a changeover/maintenance day every fortnight. My only issue, is the fact that I am growing for food, and pray that the final product will be fit for consumption. Will be researching this area extensively over the upcoming weeks.

Finally, (yay) This is farewell and adieu for a spell. As I said, got a lot of shit on the plate, need to sort it out. Staying away from social media as I feel it does tend to distract me from things that require my attention, you guys here have been my little hide hole for the past coupla months, and focus on the other people I love for a while. Yep, I love you guys, stoners are the most compassionate and helpful people in the word, and every minute I have spent on this site was worth it:-) So Ciao for now, if you have endured this much of my tale, and I look forward to returning in the future, with shorter sentences and bigger buds! Later all.

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Sorry to here of ya troubles buddy, and wish u best of ur decision.


Alot of ur deciosns about not growing cause of mites, mold, having to get ppl to leave ur house all comes down to ya setup and effort put in tho, bit more time planning could have helped resolved these issues. If ya have shit everywhere pick it up.


Ya life can revolve around weed or not, thats 100% up to personal choice, i can grow and smoke while still living the life i choose....sorry u couldnt.


Y do you think airponics is less effort, 1 black out when ya not home alll ya plants die, still gota change over rerz, check ph and ec daily.


So hope u find what ya looking for mate "theres mmore to life as ya say"  and look foward to seeing ya new system if ya get up n running again.

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