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cannabis is not the first (or best) choice for medicating anxiety especially in casual users

One common side-effect of Canna is panic/anxiety especially in casual users.


and there are options other than Benzo's to help control anxiety, sadly Aussie government doesn't cover them on the PBS/digress.


edit... stay away from the sativa's, can be a panic attack waiting to happen....

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I use Cannabis for anxiety, but ya gotta be real careful what ya smoke.... a heady sativa aint always the best choice. lol

Me and a few others use a heavy indica, like an afghan  to chill us out a bit. Late harvesting also helps, makes it more a smoko that slaps ya down, instead of revving you up..... if that makes sense.....  lol .

Also I find smoking, and leaving the house for a walk, where there arent too many people around helps. It will condition you to not hiding and smoking, which makes the anxiety worse when you do have to leave the house for something.


I used to sweat like a mofo when even thinking of going to a doctors appointment, or to the shops. With some careful strain selection, you can help your Anxiety, and that simple exercise, helps heaps.


peace. Nibbler.

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If you want to try weed for her anxiety may i suggest a lower thc Indica. Maybe stay away from the sativas as they can bring paranoia especially if she is an inexperienced/social smoker. Good luck and hope you find the rite meds.


Edit, sorry H.N. Posting same kinda thing at same time lol

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Yeah be careful of sativas... or any powerful indica for that matter , Any severely couchlocking effect can be "too much" for some people...

Tested some of my dutch passion mazar the other day...... 80% indica 19.5% thc... smoked a bit too much and that became overwhelming for me... Im use to commerical buds..
I came ok in the end but The face flushes started happening , shaking... coulda greened out a bit... Im no heavy smoker by any means and suffer from anxiety/ocd.
and the feeling of derealization came on. Feels very odd... 
Ill give it ago again in the following days and see how we go again.. :doh:

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Chasing some info on marijuana use to stop or fix Anxiety.


As my partner gets it all the time,  I want to see if weed can help.


Please keep in mind that while you may find Cannabis to help alleviate anxiety it will not stop or 'fix' anxiety (nor will any other drug imo).


Naycha :peace:

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I found Critical Mass in general to be the best medical strain Ive grown, I find it has a bit of an opiated type stone, clear with a punch, relaxes the muscles and mind and clears up a lot of my bodies anxiety symptoms and tension.  doesnt do much for things like my social anxiety (none do) but it does affect it less than most other strains. 

After a lot of experimentation, reading and talking to Dr's that work in D&A it seems that for me personaly sativas and some indicas have a tendancies to activate the vegal nervous system which then affects the things like B.P, heart rate, adrenalin release, stomach upset/tension, shaking and of course anxiety,.  it  kicks in a lot of the Fight or Flight response.
Strains that affect this system less tend to be better for me.

Then if the strain also makes me foggy and disscociated it compounds everything.

I would like to also try the CBD crews version after my next run of regular CM.

The main problem with it is it fuckn stinks, it has that super obvious musky skunk smell that permeates plastic like its cloth and a good filtered vent system is needed all the way up to putting it into jars..

Herijuana is also very high on my want to get list.

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