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Nutrients for soil grow

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Hello all,


With my next grow I am using soil and moving away from hydroponics because I don't have the time to monitor the plants as much and I would like to water every other day or more by hand instead.


So I have my soil mix sorted. I am using a good quality organic potting mix called Debco Organic which has no wetting agents or slow release ferts and I'll be mixing that with Perlite, Vermiculite and some Dolomite Lime.


My question is: I have quit a bit of left over Canna Classic Vega A&B and Flores A&B nutes from my hydro grows and I was wondering if I could use those in the soil grow? It would save me some cash if I could use what I already have.



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Hi Jon, there's plenty of guys here who can give great advice on normal fertilisers etc for soil grows that will be cheaper than using hydro nutes and give great results, but if you want to feed with hydro nutes I say go for it, and if you've got it use it.  I did a soil grow this season, nearly finished, and I used only nutes for feeding, plants stayed healthy and I seem to be getting a good outcome.  Canna Classic should be fine, might be a bit iffy if you were using coco specific, but even then I can't see a problem, I used Dutch Master Gold.  I kept it simple and just watered with standard strength nutrient mix every third watering, didn't seem to have any problems with deficiencies or burning etc.  The only possible problem I encountered was the plants seemed to suffer from moisture stress just slightly more on the days after nutrients during the heatwave, not enough difference to matter though. 


Canna Terra nutes may work slightly better, not sure, but my understanding is that they are designed specifically for canna terra medium.  Again, others on here have used this and could advise better than me.  Good luck

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