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cannabis, three ways.


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Who uses medi-one on their plants?, because I have just spent the last coupla hours looking for some positive feedback from people other than testers employed by the company. Why, because I'm about to suss it out, but not on all the plants. I'm going to grow three plants, same strain, same medium, different nutes. First feeding program will be medi one, as per recommended feeding plan on the label, however, I am already unsure, the npk being the main concern, the second coming from when I opened the bottle for the first time, talk about ripe! The second program, I'm going to have another crack with seasol and power feed, this time with the addition of guano during flower, the last program being Van der Zwann nutes, ( yet again.) Will be getting a diary up and running this time, once logistics are finalised, as I would like to keep the three separate, if possible, to reduce any cramping and allow the girls to do their stuff:-) I will most likely source cfl's for veg, three rooms running hps twenty hrs a day? Maybe not:-) Flower, however, is a different story. Back to the topic though, is medi one, and Dr Hornby, good for their word?
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