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Stealth Grow Op Suggestions :)


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Hey all, AndyDank here. 

I'm new to the forums but have been a cannabis enthusiast for a little over 3 years  :bounce:


I've decided it's time to kick the unreliable dealers to the curb and get a jump on my own grow op.  I'm currently residing in a sharehouse with a few "opened minded" roomies so stealth isn't an issue. Since I'm new to cultivating our beloved Mary Jane, I only want to start small with 2-4 plants growing at a time and would like to keep the op on a budget. Over the last couple of days I've done a fair amount of research into the different indoor grow styles there are and have been tossing around a few ideas. 


eBay has cheapish grow tents kits that come with the tent, adequate lighting for the tents size, lighting timer, carbon filter, fan and a few other goodies.  As for the growing medium I think going hydro has the most appeal for me. So I was thinking of just going to a local hydroponics shop and getting a bubbleponics (or similar) type system, nutrients and a pH kit. 

So what do y'all think? Is it worth getting these kits or should I just buy everything separately? or even build something? If you have any tips, suggestions or opinions, feel free to swing 'em my way! 


Peace & pot

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Heyya A.D.

all are good options... also check out the sponsors of this site...you know you'll be getting a decent deal

have a search here of growroom builds and grow diaries, so many styles of grow rooms to chose from.

You only want 4 plants, you could get away with a smallish grow room...

No matter what your grow room is like, you must have oder control, there are grow room calculators in the cannaversary.


welcome aboard 

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Welcome Andy, and congrats on deciding to grow your own.


A lot of ppl seem happy with those tent kits (I've never used one).


You are better off building your own 'Bubbleponics' system. I assume you mean Deep Water Culture? It can be as easy as sticking an airstone to the bottom of a 20L bucket. If you want it fancier you can join buckets together and recirculate with a pump.


Read up and enjoy :bongon:


Naycha :peace:

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Welcome Andy,

There is lots of great info here and if you cant find, ask and someone will point ya in the right direction.


I have to agree with Goonies. 'Growing pot and housemates' is not a good mix, it only takes one argument, one disagreement or one drunk with a big mouth and you're up to your eyes in Bullshit.

You'll be using more electricity than the others, more water than the others. If somebody gets their nose out of joint 'cos you've got the weed and they paid the powerbill '

Or someone goes to a party gets pissed, showing off, "well, I live with this bloke, got a tent in his bedroom and ........................"  A couple of blokes hear this little story and tell a few of their mates, who tell a few other mates        Ever heard of 'Chinese whispers" someone tells a story and over a few beers, starts off with a couple of small plants in a cupboard. Next time the story is told its elaborated a bit, 10 small plants in a wardrobe. Next its a full on setup with 10 mature plants 'huge' HID lights, in a purpose made room. This sort of thing happens a lot. Its jealousy. You've got something I want and if I can't have it nor can you. Cops get called, you have mysterious break ins, weed goes missing etc.  

DANGER, DANGER, DANGER. If you still plan to do this be very bloody careful. I've had visits due to this very scenario. But the decision is yours.



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Thanks for the input guys! I guess I kind of overlooked the fact things with housemates could go sour... so ill have to just keep it hidden in my room. I can already tell growing is going to be easy with the amount of info and active users in this community. I'll make sure to keep y'all updated and maybe start a grow diary of my own :)


Catcha round the forums! 



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