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Jack Herer - the cream of the crop?


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Geez tmer, you're just calling my wish list out now lol I would want to try to get them regular though myself if we are able to :unknw:

Peace to you. v :sun:



hehe, sorry to wet your appetite Vinno.


What are you growing now? and how did you chose it? (I am having a hard time choosing my next grow...so many beautiful possibilities)

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Hey tmer, I am only new to hybrids but I was lucky enough to score a clone from a friends mother plant that he has kept from regular seed purchased as from Sensi Seeds. RR is spot on!


Going by Sensi's blurb for me it has lived up to my expectations of what they were offering and I personally would pay the price they are asking for their seeds i I had to. If you can hang on a bit Louise says she is going to grow it out, I will be watching Louise's log on this too, because like I said I am no expert on hybrids and you would probably have a better opinion on their value.

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Tmer might as well watch your grow now Sharpie, I haven'y grown JH before... or any other hybrid with quite that much sativa in it, indoors.


I've always been wary of high priced strains from resellers, you never know how long they have been sitting on the shelf or in what conditions.

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yeah Louise, I just thought you had more experience than me in general I have never grown a hybrid before at all, so I have nothing to make comparisons to, as in it's value, yield potency etc. that's all. Totally agree with you about resellers, they are running a business and are not going to throw anything out, hence all the dud freebies, I am also worried about shall we say generic seed companies offering highly rated strains at considerably lower prices, than the actual mother company, that;s just gotta be another dumping ground for their old possibly not viable stock too..

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