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How to Brix meter


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Im just wondering what you want a Brix meter for?? I thought it was used to measure sugar content??


I cant think of a cannabis grow application, for a brix meter??  but im no expert!! lol


if you could please shed some light on your reason for using a Brix meter.. 


thanks Vape..



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Yeah - I'm curious too. However I do work in the wine industry and can tell you how to calibrate it - Is it calibratable??

Distilled water  should read zero. I'll have to get back to you on calibrating the other end but it is a very simple (but reasonably accurately prepared) table sugar solution of a known density/brix.

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Hey guys


Yea winemakers use them to measure the sugar content in grapes and stuff but you can also use them to give u a reading of sugar content of the foliage. The Brix meter can give u a reading of nutrient uptake not like an EC meter were it measures how much nutrient u give it but measures the actual sugar content in the plant after nutrient has been applied. A Brix can also help determine problems in the plant before they are visible in the foliage.


A reading lower than 10 means the plant is lacking in nutrients even though it seems fine in medium, a reading 12 or over shows a strong And healthy plant which is the how to achieve a heavy yield with every crop.


Tho test the Brix content grab a leaf roll it into a ball and compress the rolled up leaf ball with pliers to extract few drops of weed juice spread that on to the inclined glass plane of the meter. Then look through eye piece to take reading the go from there.

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