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Question for the greenies about companion planting and natives


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This might be one for the more advanced gardeners out there but I was thinking about companion planting and whether weed grows well amongst South Western Australian natives like in a Jarrah/Marri forrest area. Im guerrilla planting in Margaret River you see and i know this area is like the Nimbin of WA so there's got to be a few locals on this forum that have some advice on this. Any thoughts?

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Any compatible leaf shaped plant will do,  but also bear in mind that Canna goes thru several color changes in it's wild life, that can easily spotted at a distance, those who are familiar with this plant canna so that when the plant is about to enter bud, most of the plant is shielded by other natural plants and trees,


Some favorites are bamboo and it's derivatives and wild herbs and it's derivatives 

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I wondering if any of those eucalypts etc, will have any alleopathic affect on your plants, otherwise re companion planting i guess you could find a legume to plant next to for veg though you will still have to supplement other nutes. Companion planting is easier with veggies lol and when your worried about pollination haha

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bamboo is an awful plant to have next to cannabis plant.

Both like high N(nitrogen), the bamboo will fight for it and take most of the N out of the ground.

Bamboo is a good plant for privacy, but not for co-planting

Bamboo rhizomes will also develop a thick mat of roots (rhizomes) that is near impenetrable (I need a recipricating saw to get in there).


I love bamboo, but not next to a cannabis plant...


sorry Stu, don't know about companion planting with cannabis

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