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Please help my Pineapple Chunk.


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I'm growing indoors, in perlite, hand watered once a day, ph is around 6, day temp 24 -27 night 20-24 degrees, using a cooltube with a 400watt MH, they are 5-6 weeks old & are in the veging stage. For about 3 weeks now they have had brown spots on them as well as the leaves have been all wrinkled some curl upwards & some curl downward's. The bottom leaves seem discoloured. I'm also using canna Aqua & Cannazyme & rhizotonic.This is my first real grow of a named strain & not just some bagseed.So any help would really help. post-47051-0-04982900-1363245913_thumb.jpgpost-47051-0-37947300-1363246062_thumb.jpgpost-47051-0-73946600-1363246202_thumb.jpgpost-47051-0-02366600-1363245609_thumb.jpgpost-47051-0-02365400-1363246474_thumb.jpg


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Hey Kapow.


 It would be good to see the whole plants because typically the older leaves tell what was going on a while back and the issue may now be resolved. Seeing the whole plant with new growth will put the whole thing in perspective. 


Fwiw the only issues I ever encountered with perlite was lag time when transplanting. So please tell us how long they have been in those pots because it will take up to a month for the roots to take hold and adjust . After that they should soar.


Other than that perlite was rock solid no matter how I treated it. 


Good luck mate :hi:

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Probably better off drip feeding using an automated watering system. 15 minutes every three hours will keep the babies feeding, and prevent the roots from drying out. Would only hand water in a soil medium personally. If you do choose to automate, try expanded clay, my experience with perlite alone tended to leave a sourish taste in the end product.
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