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Hunt for the best strain


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hi guys recently i toured Amsterdam to find some of the best weed strains although the stuff i had at home seemed to be a bit better in my opinion fav strains were pineapple chunk, laughing Buddha and tangerine dream all from barneys. at home however my Tutankhamen got me a lot more stoned. out of the 100 or so strains i tried in Amsterdam there must still be 1000s out there i haven't so i ask all of you what is the best strain you have grown?

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everyone's perception on how good a certain strain is, well is their own ... you could of grown some killer smelly buds that get you 1 hit floored. but where as someone else can bucket down a couple and be like "meh"


sure some strains have higher/lower thc/cbd etc but it effects everyone differently.


so when asking about the best strain grown is that for just the pure high / body stoned it gives you or how easy it was to grow / how good it smelt etc


lots of variables! 



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Mazar would have to be my favourite strain for producing hash. Mazar x Blueberry comes in a close 2nd, with the Mazar being responsible for increasing the trichome production of the hybrid.


I have to say that 'hash precursor' makes me cringe as hash is not a synthetic product.


Naycha :peace:

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If ya have alook on the seed bank sites it tells ya arverage yields, flowering times, Sometimes THC and CBN content as well. I find this a good way to at least help narrow down ya list outa the 1000s of different types out there.


My faviroute so far has been the Sensi Skunk 1, but holding high hopes for my G13 hazex N.Y.C diesel

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favourite strain for me at the moment is the Hog, I prefer indica strains but this lady gives a little bit of mind bend thrown in with couchlock. I like that.


I recently had some shit grown from bagseed, man it smoked/tasted like shit but it was the first time Ive got uncontrolable non stop gut laugh from weed in a long time. Wish I could get it again.

 another I really like was Mangoe, but Ihavent seen it in years, it was another that couchlocked you but your head went way way off lol.

Sigh now im thinking about stuff I had 15 to 18 years ago..sweet memories

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