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Beach party teens overdose on LSD

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They used to blam xtc for everything. If E was found on a corpse no matter what the case. E was labelled as a contributing factor. No process of investingation.

Now its LSD.  Extracting LSA, then converting that into LSD and exctrating using flouresing techinques are all a pain in the arse. Making LSD in volumn is hard work. Synthetic anologues of LSD using Phenethylamines as the backbone, are relatively easy to make IN VOLUMN. something about aiming for the 5th Chiral centre, be a bit more specific than that and you have something like 2CB wich is sythesised from 2,5-dimethoxybenzaldehyde. All disoverable in about 5 min on google.

Download PiKaL, add youthful vigor with that immortal outlook, a little bit of knowledge without the wisdom!!

Im surprised there aren't more dead kids out there.

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