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Papaver Somniferum

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Ok guys to a 100g jar of these persian white opium poppy seeds sent to me. These are not like MJ seeds lol theres fuckin mkillions of them and there tiny.


So question is is this right time to plant as seen some sites say early autaum or early summer so which is best?


And......how mnay of these fuckin seeds do i put in , looking at 10 plants i guess to start so do i pull out 10 tiny tiny seeds or just throw in a hand full.....Ill do bit of a grow log on here to show ya how there goin :)



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With small seeds like poppy (or carrot) it's best to mix them in a small container with some fine sand or castor sugar and then sow the mixture into a prepared bed. Thinning down the seed with sand gives you better coverage with sowing and reduces seed waste.


It's not like canna seed where you sow an individual seed to a pot... poppies like to be sown where they will grow and are either planted in rows or broadcast over a bed.


You don't bury poppy seed... they just need the barest sprinkle of soil to cover them (this prevents birds from cleaning them up off the surface of the soil), then firm them down and give the area a light watering with a misting bottle.


Poppies will take around 2-3 wks to germinate and during this time the planting bed must stay damp... if it dries out your poppies wont germinate and if they are buried they will most likely rot.


Once they germinate and begin to grow you need to thin them back to the strongest, well spaced, plants.


For ten eventual plants I would put two good pinches of seed into a container and mix with a teaspoon of sand. Then, sow the mixture evenly into 2 x 1m long drill lines, 20 cm apart.


After thining, if sown as suggested, you should end up with 10 plants in two rows, 20cm apart. You might like to make the rows a little longer and further apart to give you a bigger spacing between plants... I'm not sure how big the poppies you have will grow as I have only grown Flanders Poppy. Anyway, it wont hurt having them spaced a little wider apart and it might actually imporve your flower show.


Poppies need to have developed a good sized vegetative base for a long show of flowers, if your poppies begin to throw up flower spikes prematurely, nip them off until the base of the plant has matured.


AFAIK you can plant them late spring or early autumn...



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^That right there^, as Louise says...


But if ya wanna make it simple, just clean a bit of garden bed, get it down to a nice tilth then throw a few seeds. Do it in patterns like intermingling circles or such and gently rake it to just mix the top few mm. Give a gentle hose. Ya wont lose the pattern too much and can easily tell they yer seedlings.


Thin out as necessary...


Hard to go wrong, a small jar is near 10,000 seeds :D



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