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Marijuana Chemical Chills Out Brain's Pain Threshold- Discovery Ma


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After not being taken seriously by the medical profession and being dosed up on opiates by the Dr's recently. I went looking for information regarding cannabis and pain.

I found it rather interesting and thought others here may benefit from the info.

Have a look, cannabis most definitely helps me with pain management





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Hi Merl1n, interesting article thanks for putting it up.


If you don't mind me asking, how do you find it helpful with dealing with pain.  I find no direct pain benefit myself, but do find that it helps with relaxing my muscles in the right doses, which seems to help with recovery times.  Do you find any particular strains or methods of administration acheive better pain management?

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Hi Dave,

For me personally I find that when I'm in pain I can concentrate on nothing but the pain, it effects every part of me. Canna allows me to function outside of that pain, to think outside of that pain. Endone has a similair effect but it knocks me for six. 2 endone then rest, if 2 endone dont work, then 4 and I'm out for the count. Sleep. But rather that than mind splitting, nausiating throbbing pain. Canna can relax my pain enuf for me to still function, safely.



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