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Sewage monitored for drug use

OZ Stoners

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"And for every 1000 people, about one to five grams of marijuana is consumed each day."


That's either really pissweak or there are 3 too many zeros in that people figure.


Just wondering what you think the real figure would be closer to?


The above figures at the rate of 5 grams per 1000 ppl per day works out at 23.09kg consumed in QLD per day or 8.43  tonne per year.


Does sound a little low to me too but no idea how low.


Naycha :peace:

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I had a bit of a think about it and my original estimate of 1 in 20 people using on average 0.5 grams per day would result in 25g per 1000 people.


That might be a bit high ?


But even if 1 in 40 people use 0.5 g per day it's still 12.5g per 1000 people. I'm not sure how accurate my guesstimates would be though, hanging around stoners all the time might well lead to unrealistic expectations of general pot consumtion :)

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like they said in the report the findings are going to be all over the place hence the hitting the nut with a sledgehammer reference - the tiny amount of water that they sample would have so many other varibles and not always going to be the same result with every sample.


getting any real hard evidence is lol 'a pipe dream' :P


oh and yeah hanging around with medium to heavy stoners isnt a good indication .. i smoke anywhere from 5 - 20+ chunky cones a day prolly about 2 grams+  depending on either mood and supply :/

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