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little help please peaceloving souls

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hiya all, i have outdoor ready in about 3weeks, in pots, know the yellowing of leaves etc when heading but was wondering if the browning of edges is nutrient deficiency or over watering maybe???? any help would be greatly appreciated, plants healthy otherwise, feed them charlie carp and yates blood and bone only once.... and use a jefferies pre bagged vegetable potting mix, been great results last few years. will post end results soonOutlook (1).zip

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the browning of the edges is a severe nitrogen deficiency, this is normal for most plants coming to their finish especially in pots,

you can repot, but it is a bit late... or maybe try some nitrogen based ferts? to give it a bit of a boost, light dose each day for a few days..

not a real lot else you can do.. fertalising so close to harvest isnt recomended, but it really depends how bad it is.. probably should have got onto it a few weeks ago to give time for the ferts to work.. and to be flushed through before harvest..

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Fuck the zip compression off .... it's not a nitrogen deficiency...... When plants near to the end of their life, naturally, their nutrient requirements decrease... when you continue to feed them high p/k during bloom you are sure to experience the burning around the leaf margins .... Now, i'm only a newbie ,,, feel free to prove me wrong though ..



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ok cheers brothas...  very very healthy looking not deficient in any way, i have hit them lately with xtra  charlie carp as they started heading, so im guessing i have over nutr.... dunno bout others but im finding optimum growing time 4 me last few years in pots is planting october 31st,, not germied even.. and ill be ready again 3rd straight season, 2nd or 3rd week march.. 5 to 6 ft bonsai sinsemella consistently in 18weeks,, is this just me or am i just on purple patch,, im finding that cycle is absolutely perfect every time... fuk the hydro... they can keep there big bud horse chaff that has killed of the gd old days of every mate u knew had sum good tin full of sins ,, hundreds killa old school strains.... anyone else agree.. im choofing a1 sins but i blame that big bud 4 ruining the good old days of aussie choofers.... profiteering winning again... bastards..lol.... feedback old schoolers 

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fuck the hydro, nothing like tasty organic nuggets :)




Hydro doesn't mean it is not organic. I know many people that grow outside, as people think " organic " and they use as many chem aka food as hydro. 


3 weeks to go the plant is ending its cycle, the plant is just using all the sugars and N in its leaves to produce flowers aka buds. By the sound of things it will be a nice smoke. Some pics would be great. 

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