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Reflective material for inside cupboard.

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I've used mylar in the past and it worked well. As stated above flat white paint apparently maximises the ammount of light available to the plants.


I couldn't be bothered painting the dark grey walls of my clone cabinet so I used the thermal emergency blanket from an old first aid kit as a substitute for mylar. It's kind of half way between mylar and aluminium foil.


Foil is supposed to be shit for your plants as it bounces light off in funny un-uniform directions and creates hot spots.


This blanket stuff is an improvement over the dark grey walls at least.


There's also that thick plastic sheeting that you get from places like clark rubber that is white on one side and black on the other. An advantage of this stuff is that it blocks the light completely and can help against unwanted light leaks.

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Whats the best type of reflective stuff to put in a cupboard to help with light -  the insides are already that laminex white except for the backing.


I've heard just ordinary foil kinda shite, so something similar to what the tents are made from or should i paint the inside some crazy gloss white?

Mylar reflects about 93% and flat white paint 82-89%, your gloss idea reflects at most 75% due to the shiny glossy chem in it, most indoor growers use white undercoat,  most expensive the better...lol as it got more titanium oxide in it, ..and that is worth paying for, meaning it's more white, anything will do thats just light on color, so long as the walls don't suck light in....lol

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