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First outdoor grow (QLD)


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Sup guys,


Long time lurker, first time poster here. Also first time grower.


I probably should of started a grow diary for this journey... it's been pretty exciting, but just too paranoid for that yet I guess.


Have a few q's


Got some Old Timer's Haze (ace seeds) ordered from Attitude. Pretty dodgy stealth in the tshirt, but whatever, they arrived, and I got no knock on the door yet from the piggies so I guess I'm sweet. Awesome strain from what I read, but very slow growing.


I've got about 10 originals that survived my inexperienced mistakes at the start and they are flourishing as well as another 10 clones that are also flourishing and growing really fast (planted the seeds at the end of November).


Main questions relate to stealth. How best to cover these? I've got them in amongst my garden at the moment, which is pretty big. I'm on acreage so I have a lot of land to work with. In the garden I have a variety of plants... corn, tomatoes etc.

Is it best in my situation to keep them concentrated in this garden, surrounded/hidden in amongst my other plants? (I hear the cops have cameras that can sense the heat signature?), or spread them around the whole yard, having each plant far from the other? (have substantial amount of land to do this).


The other big question I haven't found the answer to after plenty of time searching in multiple forums (including this one), is about cloning in QLD. Due to the nice weather here, is it possible to clone indefinitely, having a perpetual outdoor grow all year round? Or will the clones inevitably flower with the parents as they are the same genetic makeup? 

Essentially I think an indoor grow is too risky at this point until I'm properly set up so I want to keep it all outdoors for now. I don't want to rely on seeds because that's risky as well. 


The other question I have is... I ordered a bunch of seeds to my home address at around December (stupid I know) and they got nabbed by customs I guess. No letter or anything though. It was 15 seeds. Reordered when they didn't show up (stupider I know), and nothing... Can I expect a knock on the door, or some aerial surveillance because of my carelessness here?


I might be over paranoid, but better to be safe than sorry.


Plus, any extra stealth tips for outdoors? I've heard corn/tomatos, even taping fake flowers to them. These Sativas will grow quite tall... they're already as tall as me.


The hardest part is limiting myself. It is so damn easy to clone these things, and they grow so damn easily. I could probably put out another 30 if I wanted to haha. Tempting, but I'm not that stupid. It's mostly just personal grow and to share with mates anyway.


Thanks guys!


Awesome site btw!


I'll post pics later. They look sexy indeed. Have some random freeby seed (forgot what it is and didn't label it) as well. It's indica I guess, based on the leaves and height. Already flowering/budding and might be ready to pick soon. 

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