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Feeding schedules


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HI everyone,


I would like to raise a healthy debate around feeding schedules. I have come accross so many differing opinons over the years. Myself I have changed it up many times and just when I think ive nailed it I try something else (unfortunately I am the kind of person that just cant leave shit be , always looking for improvement).


I am interested what others do and with each different type of medium.


 I am currently using Coco with a little Perlite mixed in and doing 3 x 1 min feeds during lights on and currently trialling doing a 1 min feed in lights off.


I also do a flush every ten days and dont feed the day after flush. I have been trying a few diffreant methods here but Coco seems to be awesomely forgiving so I havent notice a major differance.




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I'm in 65/35 coco/perlite and feed once a week.  pH 5.8 EC 2.0

I give them a small water mid week with plain pH adjusted water and I was flushing weekly but I'm dropping it back to fortnightly as it doesn't seem to make any difference to the plants but saves my back.


I used to have a recirculating system with clay balls as the medium which I watered three times during lights on for 15 mins and then once in the middle of lights off during flowering and in vege four times during lights on and once during lights off.  Pretty sure the pH was kept at 5.6 and the EC never got above 1.4 but that was a good 6 years and 15,000+ cones ago so I don't trust my memory lol

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Hey all, I'm growing in perlite for the first time, like yourself Doc, expanded clay was my hydro medium, at six hourly feeds, recirculating. Using the same feeding pattern on the perlite, just wondering if it is too much, perhaps three feeds a day would be better?
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its funny how every one I ever get the chance to speak too has a different feeding regime.

In balls I did 15 mins every hour .

Im amazed you only feed once a week Doctor, My girls in flower are damn thirsty , I doubt they would make just one feed a week?  I use 30 litre pots and run to waste, all via pump.

Im doing my weekly flush different now, Now I am just replacing one of my 1 minute feeds with pure ph 6 water for the same 1min then adding another water 1 min two hours later, then back on normal feed schedule.

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