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Transplanting Larger Plants


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Need someone to shed some light on transplanting and there experiences. I'm a little worried I just transplanted this and that's currently its new pot. All looks well but alot of soil came off the roots. When I broke it free and roots were damaged, I hope to hear from any stories regarding transplanting etc. Mainly along the lines of transplanting larger plants.

I mixed this with 70%coco 30%perlite, Placed in shade been well watered. I have been hitting it with a hair spray bottle every few hours to see how I go.




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I would'nt stress about it.  An established plant like that can handle a bit of abuse, might slow it down briefly, but wont do any real harm.  When I used to grow indoor hydro we had a few occassions were we would have a rental inspection etc and I would have to pack up the kit.  I would take my plants out of the clay balls, whack em in pots of dirt, and take em bush for a couple of days, then reverse the process washing of the soil first, never killed a single plant.  Having said that, I would look to avoid shocks like that during flowering if possible.  Looks healthy, hope you get a good smoke out of it.

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I put in in the sun after 2 days in the shade, was going to leave it for an hour or 2 and come move it back under shade agian but was not able to get back in time, it ended up staying there for 4 - 5 hours in the sun, was not looking very good when i got back, was droppy and all leaning over to the ground looked like someone had layed a sheet of metal across the center of it, well this is the day after the accident so it looks like its gettting better.

also is this a male or female or unable to tell yet?



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