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Best and quickest way to clean 50L of Clayballs


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hey refer i dont have any advice on cleaning the clay balls but what i do with mine is throw them into my vege garden and dig em through , re-cycyle them that way , ive only got a few hydro grows under my belt but for the price of them i transfer them to the vege garden mix em into soil and buy more and start again . I just cant bring myself to re-using them on the off chance they are contaminated with a pest or dieases of the like . I am in a situation where i can afford to buy new ones ( only because  of my job ) each grow and u may not be able to for whatever the reason maybe , or just even dont want to . 

Cyclops idea sounds cool, and im sure theres heaps of ways to clean them if u want ,with the wealth of knowledge thats around here im sure youll find a way man . I dont clean or chuck them out i recycle them to a differant pasture ! food for thought anyway .

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