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last night the power went off in my area 6hrs into my budding cycle and stayed off till 6 this morning, do I go on like it didn't happen or what do I do as they only got 6hrs of light before turning back on for 2hrs . My budding cycle is 8pm to 8am. Edited by KAPOW
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Thanks ozzy, yeah they went back on before I had a chance to do something. This week is there 8th week of budding cycle, they're a bag seed, a sativa dom hybrid. Out of the 4, 1 is just about ready, 2 maybe a couple of weeks & the last who knows ,has not 1 red hair. Weired being all from the same bud.
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Pineapple Chunk is still one of me favourite smoko's, even after 4 more strains........ always a favourite in the bowl at home with visitors too....

Very nice choice man, you will enjoy it.


peace. Nibbler.

Anychance you did a diary I could check out, maybe a link to it or some pineapple chunk porn. Please
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