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Best place to buy LEDs in Aus?


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Hi mate I used a 120w red led on 3 grows in a tent this year they are fine if you only have one or two plants in say a scrog grow. In my last grow I used a 400w hps together with the led and doubled my weight of dry heads to 300g. so I have to say they work but the hps is better. I am ordering another 120w red led for my next grow and will use 2 side by side for better coverage of 2 or 3 plants but I will add the hps for the last 4 weeks of flower to boost the size of the heads like what happend last time. I got mine from LED Princess In Singapore and I am very happy with it.

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I have posted the led grows I dont know how to paste the link but if you go to the diaries you will see them under my name. There are very strong opinions held by some members who are anti LED so better wear a flack jacket mate. I would give it a shot in that small area I think it would work well They seem to encourage more bud sites the smoke is the same but when I put them under the HPS there was a definate change in growth. Good luck.

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Can find good LED torches at Red Dot Stores........probably just as good as cheap panels.....   lol .


Mate small HPS with a cooltube best option but for that space, it be heat problems...... I'd go 80w Philips CFL's....... or better still, turn that cabinet on its side, cause 60cm high, you be lucky to fit an auto in, on its side you'll have 120cm height and 60 x 60 grow area, big enuff for one plant.


And sorry to offend ya Tangwena, but been here long enough to see every LED grow fall short, or never finish their diary :whistle: , so if I wanna save someone making a mistake with their money ........... I will. Nothing worse than having a cupboard full of shit ya bought and realized is shit later.


Lot of shit on the Sphinkter Net about LED's , unless ya spend good money on em (and they still wont beat a good quality CFL or HPS) , so ya wasting ya time.


HPS and MH are still around for a reason............... they STILL trump everything else.


Peace. Nibbler.

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I'm a big fan of the solar storm from the USA, expensive and this model not likely to get any cheaper 


see here to ease your mind http://ledgrowlightsreview.org/





You really got to look at where the unit is made, China and local retailers are the worst, although I knock my mate for his solar storm I think it cost just under $au500, but broke even in under 2 years as with me I'm on HPS and solar. 

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