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crispy brown leaves


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Hello people, anyways I got 2 plants off my uncle about 3 days ago didn't look like there was an issue with them but since yesterday the leaves on 1 plant have gone crispy brown the other 1 seems to be slowly getting a couple of brown spots here and there but nothing to concerning just yet. As for the soil I believe its half decent stuff, for the nutes he was using thrive. outdoor plants btw. Here's some pics. I live in Perth and where currently experiencing a heat wave so possible under watering maybe? 




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Crsipy Brown (nercotic) or in English very dead leaves, and thrive will do that, screw agent orange the guys in vietnam should have used thrive, go see the numbers on that stuff, I havn't used that stuff in 20 years,

 I used it as it was the only food I found that was so high in Nitrogen  is great for veg, but extreme caution using it on Mj plants.


As you are an external grow, I flush that plant with lots and lots of water and NO thrive or food for 3-4 weeks or until you see a positive response ...con\sider going organic in your foods for the plant, some great kelp mix's out there

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