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new grow questions


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Hi guys,


Im starting a new grow in a week or so and am going to be growing some fem strawberry cough for my anxiety. I was planning on growing in a small attic with some high powered cfl's and with soil and canna nutes.


the area I have selected is fairly large but has limited ventilation.


Could some growers on here give me some advice on ventilation, lighting, soil mix amd anything else I might need to know ?

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I thought that canna terra  was a mix of peat soils ,  my local hydro shop lead me to believe it is a soil mix ,, i could be miss informed 


On there web site they say it is soil mix

From Canna site : CANNA Terra Professional Plus formula was developed to fulfill the
desire of creating the purest soil mix possible and to obtain the best
effects with CANNA TERRA nutrients.




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Organic composition doesnt mean its soil............ you were right the first time Mongy, Canna need to change their stuff.

It confuses the piss outta me too.......... Terra means Earth........so ya make a mix that has no soil in it..............and call it Terra. :facepalm:


Then ya put it in the shops and dont tell the knob Jockeys behind the counter that its a organic substrate, not a soil blend. So as most Knob Jockeys do, they see its brown...... "Oh, Thats soil !" 

Treat it like soil and see what happens.......... it won't like the higher PH, and also won't like being fed anything other than Terra, because if it isnt chelated, and salt based, this stuff will hang onto the salt like a Pommie with a fresh serve of chips...... lol


Best of luck.... Seems Canna stopped being specific after Van De Zwaan left.


Peace. Nibbler.

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