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Soma: a recipe?


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Soma: This was my suspicon: There is more than one active component plus I think they brewed it with snake venom, wich acts like a cold temp catlyst for a repening of the cocktail.

Remnants of ephedra, poppy and mostly cannabis was also found in the white sediment stuck to the sides of ancient pots*. I dont know much about Ephedra or its active ingredient, however both cannabis and Opium are ripend. So a completing of this procees maximising the potenial of the Herbs.



Take a large amount of cannabis crush the juice out of the bud, milking all the trichromes and the remaining THCv,a. Filter this in a ceramic vessel with some wool stuffed ina hole ate the bottom acting as a filter, or use bubble bags. Filter the juice.

This is the BULK of Soma, add ephedra {extract} and milk of the poppy; add venom and stirr into a fatty milk drink as buttery as possible. Allow to brew in a dark temperate place. (time ??)

Filter again and store in a dark bottle. Once the venom mixture is added to the milk the drink will start to degrade. SO pass it around and sing praise to Soma :D



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I doubt the recipe ...... read terence mckenna's food of the gods for his in-depth studies regarding soma .....


I would doubt the snake venom .....


peace n pot,

Cheers indoor, I will read.

I arrived at venom intuitively. (snake cults were a global phenomenon then)

A cold catylst for ?? proteation >> crystilisation

they were scraping crystal alkaloid off the side of a ceramic container. The crystal was a combination of compounds

Opium, Cannabis and ephedra (ephadrine, plus venom to protate not a low pH solution; then recystalise) I think If we can do that now, then tweeking that ephadrine is prooly part of how they would have prepared teh ephedra; maybe.

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terence mckenna's food of the gods: even treats Soma unequally. On one hand it says Soma is a Lovley plant singular yet talkes about Soma in the plural on several occaions, not in a deifying way, but in composition. and yet Soma is decribed as having no branches or leaves... is this a deforrestation of a plant to its stem or a description of the green plant, that contains the Purple soma ?? possibly describing a purple bud.

Terrence was worried someone would find this and try and 'give' it to the world for a price ...

Im OK for $$ so Id happily give the reciepe away for free. If it can tranform the world then I'd help give that a nudge.


at this stage Id say the original ingredients handed down by the Archaic aryan nomads is lost forever. Other substitute ingredients have been added based on local tradition.

The Origianl Soma was a visionary drink that made the imbiber (feel) godlike ... imortality was thrown about abit. Some say somethign about venom and extending ones life.... schools still out

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