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Cheap-er cooling.

cap'n yNg

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So, recently I modified a window mounted air con unit to run as a stand alone unit with twin 100mm ducting on a wheeled trolley(not shown but the same as in the first pic).

post-49437-0-96845000-1359719957_thumb.jpg   post-49437-0-88864400-1359720095_thumb.jpg   post-49437-0-88366700-1359720269_thumb.jpg   post-49437-0-40209900-1359720412_thumb.jpg


'Very interseting' i thought. :scratchin:

I fabricated two square to round spigots that were attached and sealed to the outlet vent, and constructed a wheeled trolley for the unit......

A window mounted unit is about half the cost to buy of the portable version for the same or better BTU output. ?hhmmmm? Not sure of the power usage though?

But surely a window unit needs to be mounted for it to fuction properly and efficiantly ! ?...............?


Anyone a bit more 'In the know' about this sort of thing, id like to hear if it's worth doing/trying?






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Compressors in the room basically gives you a portable air-con..... useless as all get out. Window or wall mount would be best with the compressor outside to increase efficiency.

Personally , in the future I would grow in the cooler months, and have a holiday in the heat of summer. Save yourself a heap of headaches and lots of $$$$ in power.

Most Aircons cost more to run than your lights. 1500w- 3000w+

Good luck man. Peace. Nibbler.

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Any refrigerated air conditioning system has to recirculate the air in the room to be cooled. You would also need to put a duct from your room to the return air on the air cond. The return air is that big area next to the ducting you have already mounted. ie: the larger area on the plastic grille where the filter is, other wise the compressor will run continuously and cost a fucking fortune in power usage.


It would also need to be lifted at least 6mm in the front to drain away condensate water from the evaporator (cooling coil). Insulated ducting would be efficient as well.


I would not leave the a/c standing on its back for too long either, the oil in the compressor can migrate into the pipes and have lots of problems when starting up.


You also have to think about regular filter cleaning, if they clog up too much the evaporator can become a block of ice and no cool air will get into your room.


Good idea! Is it worth it? Only imo if you can get the unit to run efficiently, by recirculating the grow room air and the compressor can cycle on and off. Still costly though.

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Hi Yng,


            Im with hashie on this one, the cost of lights, fans and the aircon, would not be worth it, imo.. Id just shut down over the warmer months, or just put a few out side if thats possible.. ya cant beat the sun..


Good luck with everything.. Im hardly an expert..and this is just my opinion.. 


Vape for life.

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Hey guys.

Cheers for viewing and your comments.


Please excuse me but I was a bit baked n Bourbon'd when I posted and didn't explain properly. I modified the a/c unit for a customer, not for myself but thought it could have potential.

I did wonder that not having the front panel and the rear seperated (as when fitted) if it would be effective.

for my measly grow it would be overkill but for a larger indoor grow I thought it may be a cheaper alternative to a portable version (if installed correctly).


yNg :)

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Split system be the way to go nyg...... compressor is away from the grow area, and thats more efficient, but still not going to make it a efficient grow. :unknw:

Summer for some of us is time to kick back and enjoy our labours. i for one will be hashing it up in 15 minutes, checking on the mums, and dreaming of things to come........

:peace: Nibbler

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I wouldnt allow your local climate to dictate when you can grow inside or not, hell thats the fucking purpose of growing indoors to begin with....... to escape the virtues of the great aussie outback .....  besides in summer your electricity consumption is generally higher than winter ...... why not have a few hid's hanging high ......


peace n pot,

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