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Can you use a food dehydrator for drying cannabis?


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It'll work, but isn't recommended.


My advice is to use a hair dryer on low for a handful while you're letting the rest dry properly.


I just finished my first grow and have tested the buds at various stages. And there is no doubt that even after 2 weeks in the jar after 4 days of hanging, they smoke at better and gets me higher. Not sure why, but it does.


Can anyone explain the curing reacts of how THCa converts or whatever to THC while curing?

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They are fine to use for drying... No different to a properly set up drying room if used properly imo. As some have said though you can cook it which isn't good. The benefit with them of course is a lot less risk of any dank buds from mould that may occur during some drying times and conditions, also you can have buds dried and jarred/bagged sealed a lot quicker and curing.


If you want to try one I would put a timer on it never put the thermostat to full (should really only need it on the lowest setting) and use a timer to avoid over drying it if leaving unattended for any long period. It will still take at least 8 hours or so done like this but to no loss of quality. Also it's better to put the buds in with stems still as it helps them dry slowly without the cooked effect others have mentioned occurring. ;)

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Thanks guys. I'm in a 'communal' area and the smell of drying plants is sure to get noticed, so I need to do it at discretely as possible.


When it's dried and ready for storage, I was thinking of getting one of those sealer machines with the bags - sucks all the air out then seals the bag shut. What's your thoughts on that approach?


Thanks again!

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It will work just as well as any other method of drying, even hanging the buds up for a week won't do any better. Just do it slowly and as OZ said, turn the thermostat down to around halfway.

The trick is to use a timer, set it on for four hours, then two hours off, then one hour on one hour off and repeat the one hour on one hour off until they are dry.

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