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First time grow wa (what you think )


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Hey guys and



Just become a member , and what are great site it is full of very good info , ,,, (wish i found it 2 months ago ) anyways started my first grow end of november for a number reasons the main being price and avalibility of weed in perth ,,, A friend of mine gave me some seeds That i literally chucked into a pot with a frangipanni and forgot about it ,,,, 2 weeks later i had 35 little seedlings That i cut down to about 8 ,, and tranfered them into a small pot and left for another week or so ,, I gave 6 away and kept the best looking 2 I then transplated the 2 into a 60l bin ,,, with organic potting mix , worm castings, mushroom mulch , blood and bone .. I have been feeding them seasol , worm juice out of worm farm , and of course straight h20 ,,They seem to be going ok , although i have put shade cloth around pot , as they seemed to be struggling in the hot weather (direct sunlight ) ...They get at least 8 hours full sun aday .....ok some questions answered would be great appreciated ,,, :signthis:  :egyptdance: post-50228-0-60262700-1359535049_thumb.jpgpost-50228-0-61967200-1359535120_thumb.jpgpost-50228-0-20695600-1359535185_thumb.jpg


Thoughts on using shadecloth ???

My soil mix (anygood) ???

Are they looking healthy for a 2 month old plant (small, big , not bushy enough etc > as i have no idea what they are surposed to look like at this age :wacko:

My biggest one is 500mm high

Direct hot sun ,, anyone else experienced plants that struggle ??


Fertilzer,, what to use , when , or keep organic ???



I apololigize for the rant in all the bloody questions :sleeping:  lol ,, any help appreciated


cheers :twiddle:  :afro:  


ps will take some better pics tonite ... :egyptdance:

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