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Protecting seedlings from direct light?

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Ever grown a plant ?


No need to be hostile. Last plant i grew was for a year 9 science experiment, can't remember what i did but it grew! Dont remember protecting the seedlings from the sun then. this is my first attempt with cannabis... that's why im asking, sorry if these questions sound silly, but I am a noob.

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Hi there,


I read that seedlings should be protected from direct light untill they are about 2 weeks old? what is the purpose of this?, isn't more light always better?

...protected from direct light until they are about 2 weeks old...

direct light being sun light and the higher power lights (400watts and up) true, plant needs some light

but not direct light (my seedlings sit directly under 130 watts of light)


More light is not always better. Too much light (combined with the heat) is a great way to kill seedlings and more mature plants too-

all plants should go through a process call hardening off when being introduced to the full sun or growing lights, little at a time


Think of hardening off a plant like a Pom going to Bondi for the first time...

One the first day that Pom spends 6 hours in the sun verses

only staying in the sun for 15 min or so the first day then slowly increasing the amount of sun they get as the days pass...


Who's going to blister (or die for a plant) and who's going to get a slight tan (or grow up happy for the plant)...


Just sayin

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not that much of a big deal mate.. I tend to put them in full sun almost as soon as they germinate and just keep an eye on them..  concentrate more on your medium, nutes and pH levels


Thats what I suspected. How does this deal look to you Puka? is it worth getting? what if at all should I add on to it?



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