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Hey guys, 


Figured I'd post up some flicks of my girls as no one seems to have photos or any info on growing this specific strain, Aussie Blue. These were some free seeds i got online with a couple of indicas, I couldnt grow outdoors at the time so I gave them to my cousin, a season later I got a few thousand seeds back. Now I can grow, and honestly im pretty sick of spending 3-4k a year on buds, hopefully this years harvest tides me over for the full year, I think theres a pound there, maybe


These plants are actually really old, I planted them around June last year so I could sex them before putting all my effort into just 2 plants (if i do get caught, i can argue personal us, i know it wont matter but if i stay out of jail then im happy). Once sexed i put them in 12L pots so they could stay short and not be too obvious but that hasnt worked as they were as tall as i am before i scrog'd them. Fingers crossed they dont stretch too much over the next 10 weeks or so


The soil i mixed was just fine for them during veg but now theyre starting to flower ive moved onto advanced A+B bloom at about 40ml to 15L so they fatten up nicely but hopefully wont burn, i flush every 4th-5th day so I dont think it'll be an issue. I'll also give them overdrive about 3 weeks before i chop them.


They've been loving the weather the last month as has the rest of the tiny garden I have, mostly to just visual disguise my girls a little, and i planted 4 smallish lavenders and hopefully they flower in unison with my MJ and mask the smell somewhat, if anyone has any advice for stinky plants I can put in the garden, Im thinking of just spreading some blood and bone every day for the last couple weeks, that shit stinks!





Also, theres a little bonsai thats about 3 months old, i propagated it from clone so it would have some variation in growth patterns early on and not just remain symmetrical for 6 months, im gonna keep it just an ornament as long as i can, its starting to flower now too so i reckon itll look pretty dope when its thickened up




Hope you enjoy and i hope the next 2 odd months go by really quickly so i can stop paying for ganj


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Yo guys, 


Sorry for the lack of updates, been pretty flat out currently, anyway, 


We've been having stupid hot weather over here lately, a LOT of 40 degree days, the plant have actually been miraculous, although they dont seem like the most narcotic sort of ganj they are at least incredibly hardy plants, they would be ideal for guerilla growing so I'm going to maybe give that a go next season and try some kush or something in my yard, 


One of the phenotypes has been a much greater yielder yet the other started flower maybe 3 weeks sooner, so its a bit of a trade off, I'd say a little optimistically I may have 12-16 O's in the end which would be lovely. The earlier flowerer is now at the end of its 1st week of overdrive + A+B while the other is getting just a medium dose of A+B, god the smell of the resin on your fingers is nice, a real piney sort of lemon scent, I cant wait to smoke it! I think the quicker one will be ready in 2 weeks time so not long now, 

Anyway heres some pics


The tomatoes are dying in the heat but the jalapenos and MJ are loving it





This is a real macro of the trichs, some are starting to amber up already, I think 2 weeks til chop is pretty accurate right?



Theres a shit load of popcorn bud which I intend to hash! Bought some cheapy ebay bubble bags, I only went for the 3 screens, Im not that much of a purist that I need 7 degrees of quality, 2's fine for me, 



Hope you enjoy gents


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