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First up a big thanks to Vostok for his post about earth boxes that originally got me thinking about this.




Mine aint that fancy, mainly due to remote on foot only location and difficult digging conditions.  Here's how I did it:


Dug a hole about 90-100cm square (shape shouldn't matter), and about 40-50 cm deep.  Then dug a smaller hole in the middle about 25cm square, and deep enough to take most of a 2l coke bottle (the soil was like diggin through iron at this point).




Lined bottom hole with plastic, place holey coke bottle with pvc pipe attached to top in hole, fill with soil for wick.  In one I used my soil mix, in another I used coco only, was gunna try peat in another but am now looking at plan B for that one.




Lined outside of main hole with plastic, leaving an open area on the bottom for drainage.




The fun part was next, lugging a shit load of soil mix (coco, perlite, vermiculite, and soil from my worm patch) up to fill the holes. This was the  point I came to believe that the holes could probably be only 70-75cm square.  Cut the top of the pvc pipe off just above soil level and plug it.  Then cover the entire thing with local mulch.




I'll be growing 3 autos, and 1 normal in this plot with what remains of the season to test the effectiveness as an irrigation and water conservation system.  If they work out well I'll rework them over winter for a bigger reservoir.  Will also be doing the third hole a bit different, instead of the extra hole at the bottom I'll dig a longer rectangle and put a few bottles along each side, assuming I can find a hole size to put in the bottles that will slowly wick out the water over 3-4 days (nearly there).  I will report the results here at the end of the grow.


Peace out

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lol....what a pleasant surprise,...and considering I got a few neg reps for posting that Dave....lol ....just looking at those photos only reminds me of the damm pain I got (OOS) in my wrist and shoulder digging into that cement of a ground ...lol


I'm very pleased that a member has endured this, but it did take me a couple of attempts to master/ correct this...lol


Any improvements you make please post it up



"V" (vostok)

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