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Long-term storage & dessicants


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Hey all,


Just wondering if any of you store your buds long-term, say 6 months to a year? If so, what methods/containers do you use? I've heard fridges, freezers, tupperware, mason jars etc... and has anyone used, experimented or heard any advice about storing buds with a dessicant sachet or similar in the jar to eat up any oxygen etc (I guess erring on the side of caution?)

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just opened a jar of year old buds. I store mine in old Mocacona (instant coffee) glass containers, stored in a closet. (probably 99%+ airtight)

Coffee containers are not the best choice as a screw-top glass container (mason jar) is a much better choice, but... (mason jar is 100% air tight)

When the buds are properly cured there is no need for a desiccant, and with cannabis- oxygen helps to convert inactive THCa to active THC (aka decarboxylation or decarbbing), but at the same time, ya' don't want the buds stored in the open to decarb...



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